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Pip & Leo is a vancouver based company that sells quality Carseat, Stroller and Nursing covers.  

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About Us

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Baby Covers - Inspired by Poppy

After having Poppy in the winter of 2015, I received a cover for the car seat and those early days of feeding in public. I used it all the time, I wouldn’t leave the house without it, but the flaws in quality came soon apparent.  I wanted fabric that was more breathable and could stretch to provide both discretion and accessibility without coming apart at the seams.

Having worked as a buyer for many years, I knew this was possible and could be achieved both sustainably and with a focus on fashion. I reached out to my first colleague, turned bestie, Sabrina who has loads of experience in the clothing industry and we started brainstorming.....

With one sewing machine and plenty of late nights Pip & Leo was born! We had tons of positive feedback on our first covers and quickly identified that Moms everywhere would appreciate a quality multi-use cover in their lives!